June 8, 2016

Hurricane season is upon us and it is never too late to get prepared.  One of the items we encourage you to have is a go-bag.  You don't know when you might need to evacuate your home and you don't want to run around at the last minute trying to compile what you need.  Ready.gov has an Emergency Supply List to help you compile your items.  Click here to obtain a copy.  Also you can go to https://www.ready.gov/kit for additional emergency supplies.  

March 24, 2016

Each year, over 150 workers are killed and more than 100,000 are injured as a result of falls at construction sites. Employers need to know how to:

Select fall protection systems appropriate for given situations Install safety systems properly Supervise employees properly Use safe work procedures Train workers in the proper selection, use, and maintenance of fall protection systems

Implement a Fall Protection & Prevention Plan today.

February 12, 2016

Valentine’s Day is a special day – a day when flowers, candy, and jewelry are freely given to celebrate “love”.  If you are either giving or receiving jewelry, we want you to protect this keepsake with proper coverage either by adding it to your homeowners or your personal floater.

Enjoy the day and should you need us to add to your policy or purchase a policy, give us a call at the agency.

October 6, 2015

The Department of Homeland Security is sponsoring Cyber Security Awareness Month.  All during the month of October, we will post tips on our social media pages to assist you in protecting your businesses.

According to a recent cyber survey over 82% of organizations expect to be attacked.  77% saw an increase in attacks against their companies.

Due to the shortage of skilled cyber security professionals, it is imperative that you educate your employees on how to fight cyber security threats and recognize trends.

If you have not considered cyber liability insurance for first- and third-party coverages, now is the time to talk to us.

Schedule an appointment to find out more.

October 2, 2015

Hurricane Joaquin is expected to bring heavy rains, winds, and flooding to our area.

Check out these Tips for Hurricane Preparedness and be prepared.   Don't hesitate to reach out to your DiMatteo team members with any questions.

Should you need to file a claim, click on Claims Assistance on the website.  Or if it is an emergency, contact us at 203.395.7752.

September 1, 2015
September is Life Insurance Awareness Month   You might be surprised to find out that for as little as 40 cents/day or $13/month you can purchase a $250,000 term policy for a 30-year old.   During Life Insurance Awareness Month, we want to present this valuable product to protect your family and your businesses.   Call us today to find out how inexpensive this policy can be and how priceless it is as a part of your insurance portfolio.
August 31, 2015

Thanks to all of our participants and sponsors at our Annual Golf Event.  We received the following message from Bill Purcell, President of the Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce, and we wanted to share it with you:  "Congratulations and thanks for a wonderful time at the "10th Annual DiMatteo Family Charitable Foundation Golf Event"!

Everything about the day was perfect; including the Course, the Food & Drink,  and the Company.
And thanks for your generous support of this year's Charities.

I have the pleasure of serving on the Board of Directors of the Boys & Girls Club and Spooner House, and enjoy a close relationship with BHCare's The Umbrella as well.

All three of these organizations truly appreciate the meaningful support that you are providing to their efforts."

August 21, 2015

September starts a new school year; and if you have a college student going off to school, here are a few things to consider.

If your college student is living in the dorm, homeowners insurance will cover them. But, if your daughter or son decides to live off campus in an apartment, then it is time to take a look at obtaining renters insurance for them.

Renters insurance will not only protect their belongings such as computers, televisions and other valuables, but also protect them from liability should someone be injured on the property.

So before packing  to go off to school, take pictures of valuables along with keeping receipts for all new large ticket purchases.

Give us a call to make sure that your student is well protected and safe when living off campus.

We should also look at your automobile policies to make sure that you have the proper protection while they are away at school.

Give us a call, we will take the stress out of them going off to school.


August 19, 2015
If you are working outside for any length of time, here are a few tips to keep yourself from experiencing heat stroke: Drink water every 15 minutes, even if you are not thirsty. Rest in the shade to cool down. Wear a hat and light-colored clothing. Learn the signs of heat illness and what to do in an emergency. Keep an eye on fellow workers. 
April 23, 2015

Join over 5 million citizens across the United States to prepare you, your family, your business, and your community for disasters.
Through FEMA and the Ready.Gov website, you can log here to participate. From knowing hazards, to registering for activities, to spreading the word, you have the resources to help you.
So register today and be prepared for Earthquakes, Flood, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Wild Fires, and Winter Storms. Each represents a unique challenge that you need to be ready for.

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